How can people with so little be this happy?

As I walked around the different Bateyes during my trip to the Dominican Republic I found myself asking over and over how these people could be so happy?Image-1

People in Batey 50 and all the other Bateyes we visited always greeted us with a smile. The kids ran around laughing and hugging every American that got off the bus. I still cannot quite get my head around this concept. The people who live in these Bateyes have no shoes, electricity, or water. On my way back to JFK it clicked these people may not have everything they need but one thing they do have is hope. Hope for change. Hope that one day we will all be equal. As I go back to the US I realize there is so much we take for granted. I have a roof over my head, AC, food on the table, and clean water to drink. So why am I not as happy as the people in the Bateyes? As an American I am so accustomed to the luxuries the US has to offer. The biggest lesson I learned on my trip to the Dominican Republic is that we shouldn’t take things for granted. So I made this list of things I now realize I have taken for granted my whole life.

  1. A roof over my head that does not leak
  2. A Car to Drive
  3. Money for Gas
  4. Heat/AC
  5. Food in the fridge
  6. Electricity
  7. Technology
  8. Education
  9. Water
  10. Shoes/Clothes
  11. Bed that I don’t have to share
  12. Money
  13. Ability to travel
  14. Medical advances with amazing doctors
  15. Jobs that pay well
  16. Showers with clean water
  17. Plumbing
  18. Ability to always have whatever I need

-Heather Corcoran


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